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Western Wall in Jerusalem

About Spotlight On Israel... Our Mission Statement
It was Monday, June 5, 1967 and I had just finished the 1st grade the previous Friday. This was the first full week of summer vacation... time for playing with my friends, riding bikes, playing games... just having fun. I was also looking forward to Vacation Bible School, which started that evening and ran thru Friday. Nothing like a little punch and cookies, along with making stuff with glitter all over it, to get a kid excited about going to church.                                                                                           

Monday, June 5, 1967 was also the start of something else... the Six Day War between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations. By the time I rolled out of bed early Tuesday, the rapidly escalating situation in Israel dominated the morning television news programs and this seven-year-old was glued to our old black & white TV set.
We had just finished dinner about 6:00 PM and mom asked me to clean up and change clothes for Bible School. I paused for a moment, and then told her I needed to stay home and watch the evening news. Though I was only age 7, I had what I can only describe as an almost supernatural love for the nation of Israel.

Israel was in danger, and I instinctively knew this war would have major implications in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. For the next several days I watched every newscast I could find. Even today, when I see old film footage from 1967 of Israeli soldiers capturing the area of East Jerusalem that contains the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, tears come to my eyes.

Numerous times in my life I've found myself in situations where I could have easily died, yet for some reason God spared me each time. Deep within me I've always had this feeling or belief that The Last Days as prophesied would occur in my lifetime.

June 1967 is now over 40 years behind me. In the decades since I have read countless books on eschatology (Bible prophecy), and have watched thousands of hours of religious programming dealing with the subject. Throughout the years I've seen various ministers and Bible scholars blend existing world events with Bible prophecy to proclaim that the "end of the world" was near. Some of the theories have seemed very plausible, but numerous books sit today on the shelves in my office bearing witness to misguided teachings and dates that have passed.
As we look at all that is transpiring in the world today, Bible prophecy does seem to be coming closer to fulfillment. The Bible tells us we shall not know the day or the hour of his (Jesus/Yeshua) coming, but we shall know the season. I fully believe we are in "that" season. Whether the end of this age comes within the next few months or years... or perhaps several decades hence, it's easy to see the pieces falling in place right now.
Our goal here at Spotlight On Israel is to monitor world events and breaking news on a daily basis... and then provide you with links to significant news stories impacting Israel and the Middle East. We'll also provide analysis and commentary on how these articles might fit into Bible prophecy.
Additionally we'll watch for news highlighting areas such as the deteriorating moral condition of the United States and other issues affecting Christians. Needless to say these are exciting yet challenging times we find ourselves in.

Israel and the United States have a long and mutually beneficial relationship. The Hebrew people are also our spiritual brothers and sisters. I hope that God places upon your heart the same interest and concern that I have for the nation of Israel and for God's Chosen People.

The Bible tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem... and to that I say a hearty amen.

S halom

Chuck Shiflett