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The American media places very little emphasis on bringing readers & listeners in-depth information on Israel and the Middle East. In this day of short sound bites, those with a serious interest in this region of the world must turn to foreign media outlets and lessor known American ones.

Also our secular oriented press either does not understand or chooses to completely ignore the true religious underpinnings of world events.

At Spotlight On Israel, we monitor dozens of news sources daily to bring you news you probably wouldn't see otherwise... along with Biblical perspective on what these news events mean to Christians.

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Also please take advantage of our links to special books & other resource materials that will broaden your knowledge of the subjects we'll cover.

Breaking News & Analysis On Events Affecting Israel & The Middle East... Updated Daily
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Israeli Fears: Concerned Hamas will attempt West Bank takeover. 12-23-12
Palestinian Authority: Says it won't allow new Israeli housing settlement to happen. 12-23-12
Israeli Military: Will join 2013 NATO activities despite tensions with Turkey. 12-23-12
EU: Tougher sanctions against Iran take effect. 12-23-12
Wow! Russian military takes control of Syria's chemical weapons. 12-22-12
Yes! Egypt's new Islamist constitution receives 70% approval in final round of voting. 12-22-12
Netanyahu: I will ignore UN censure over Jerusalem construction. 12-21-12
Zero Dark Thirty: US on alert for Muslim backlash against docudrama about hunt for Osama bin Laden. 12-21-12
CAIR Leader: Calls for destruction of Israel. 12-21-12
Warning Shots? Syrian rebels fire on civilian airliner at Aleppo airport. 12-21-12
Clashes In Egypt: Islamists rally on eve of final vote on Sharia Law inspired constitution. 12-21-12
Judgment Day: Warning for Christians in the Middle East. 12-21-12
NATO: Syria again using SCUD rockets against rebels. 12-21-12
Brutal: Syria uses cluster bombs on civilians. 12-21-12
Pro-Israel Alliance: Pushes for undivided Jerusalem. 12-21-12
Cyber Wars: Israel beefs up cyber defenses with new defense division. 12-21-12
Jordan Worried: Afraid radical Islamists rebels in Syria will attack Jordan & Israel after they finish off Assad. 12-20-12
Al-Qaeda: Grows more powerful in Syria as endgame nears for Assad. 12-20-12
New Israeli Political Star? Meet the army commando, hi-tech millionaire, man of faith taking Israel by storm. 12-20-12
Former Obama Advisor: If diplomacy fails US will attack Iran. 12-20-12
Pakistan Nuclear Arsenal At Risk? Taliban continues to undermine government. 12-20-12
Pastor Terry Jones Is Back: Releases new anti-Muhammad movie sure to tick off Muslims. 12-20-12
Israeli Air Force: Prepares for blitz against missile foes. 12-20-12
Tipping Point? Making Jerusalem truly indivisible. 12-20-12
Taking The Offensive: Palestinians aim to isolate Israel. 12-20-12
Tunisian Islamic Imam: Calls for sterilization of Jewish women. 12-20-12
Jerusalem Housing War Expands: Committee approves 2,600 more homes near Israel's capital city. 12-20-12

Western Wall in Jerusalem